What type of acne do you have?

Basically, there are two types of acne.

acneFollicular Acne: A formation of a comedone (blackhead).  The opening of the hair follicle (pore as you may call it) becomes blocked/congested by dead skin cells and sebum (oil).  Often, this blockage continues to increase in size until the follicle wall will break and all the debris mentioned (cells & oil) plus bacteria rush into the internal body. Immediately, the body takes control rushing white blood cells to the area to clean to “digest” the debris.  You will see an inflamed bump and then a pustule. The pustule is the good sign that your body is working to clear the intrusion into the body.

nodulesSystemic Acne: This type of acne often appears of out of the clear blue. One moment there is no blemish, next thing you know you have a red and sore bump on your skin.  I often say that it is the type of blemish that when touched (as in try to squeeze it) that it hurts all the way down to your big toe.  Ouch! It is painful. Many clients come to me with this blemish and scars on their faces from squeezing, trying to get “something” out.  This type of blemish has NO “something” to get out.  All they usually see is lymphatic fluid and then, of course, after all the squeezing, they end up with a sore/scab on their face. Sometimes they have squeezed or scraped with fingernails and will end up with a scar and one they would not have had if they’d left it alone altogether.  The approach to clearing this type of blemish is totally different from the Follicular Acne blemish.

yeast caused acneYeast Blemish: This blemish also appears out of nowhere and it itches. It is usually caused when their is an excess of yeast in the body’s system. It leaves dark marks and sometimes light marks where each blemish has been. This blemish is not related to oily skin and can appear in the strangest of places, like the eyelid, ear lobes, neck, arms, etc. It also has a difficult time healing. It requires taking the right pro-biotic and taking it in therapeutic doses. It may also mean taking a look at the diet and changes that could be made.  This is a systemic blemish and I wanted to talk about it a bit.

miliaMilia: Milia is the technical term for small, hard, white bumps that can show up—mostly on the face. I often say they look like tiny pearls under the skin.These frustrating bumps are incredibly stubborn and cannot be “squeezed out”. Most people cannot get rid of them or should not really try. Though milia aren’t harmful in any way, getting rid of them can be tough on your own. They do not turn into pustules or inflamed bumps. However, they can continue to fill and become larger over time. This is an easy fix at Virtu.

To find out what type of blemishes you have and get started at clearing your skin, call Brea for a consultation.  First 30 minutes are free.

828 367 9099

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