Now, you can experience one of the best facials in Asheville. Since 1978, Owner Brea Gratia has been providing fabulous spa facials to a loyal clientele.

Spa Facials Asheville


Founder and Owner of Houston’s first day spa for 30 years, Brea recently sold her spa to relocate to Asheville.

While Virtu Skin & Body is not a “spa” per se, you will have a “spa experience”.

Start with our Signature Spa Facial called the “Restorative” and be surprised at the masterful techniques. Unique in every way – from the aromatics used to the protocols and ambiance. You are sure to love your experience – so much so, raving to family and friends can be expected.

Spa Facials Experience

“Truly the best facial experience!”

Truly best facial experience in Asheville!

Make your appointment online  or call 828 367 9099

Recent Email from client LJ:
“Hi Brea, I wanted to let you know that I have received a multitude of compliments on my skin this week. That is sure fun!” (Inclusive Facial received on 3-26-15, email on 4-3-15)

Recent Email from client EK:
My skin is doing really well, I have not had a breakout! There have been tiny bumps on my forehead and very few on my chin. Overall my skin looks amazing. Thank you so much for helping me! :o) (Corrective Facial received on 3-14-15, email on 4-8-15 – client moved to Oregon & is using Natura Activ Products)

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