What is the number #1 indicator of aging?

  1. Wrinkles/Lines
  2. Sagging/Loose Skin
  3. Age Spots/Dark Spots/Liver Spots

The first thing that may have come to mind were wrinkles or sagging skin. Sure, they are signs of aging, but did you know that age spots are the #1 sign of aging.  Dry/dehydrated skin can cause wrinkles, even on a young persons skin. Weight loss in a younger person can result in sagging/loose skin.

age spots, pigmentationNot every person of a certain age will develop age spots, but usually age spots start to show around age 38-40 or later. You will most likely develop these dark spots in the areas of the body that have the most sun exposure:  face, hands, shoulders and arms. This is not to say they won’t develop on legs, back or any other area, as they do. Age spots are caused by an excess production of melanin. Routine sun exposure over the course of your life starts the development of the excess melanin in pockets – spotty areas on the skin. Strangely, some people never develop age spots. Some of us are more prone to hyperpigmentation than others. Sometimes it can happen without the sun involved at all.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that not only helped firm the skin as well as soften/plump lines and wrinkles AND…got rid of age spots? The good news is you can dramatically reduce the appearance of all three with one product.

I have developed a new product that works on all three to increase radiance, glossiness and luminosity. This product is called “Diminue” and delivers the active ingredients deeply into the skin to hydrate, firm and reduce age spots. Diminue has the ability to naturally reduce the advent of freckles, skin tone disorders and age spots significantly for any skin type; even the most sensitive skin types!

The foremost ingredient is a naturally potent, sustainable ingredient with a patent-pending mechanism of action that produces visibly rapid lightening results in under 14 days! This innovative action uses the fermentation of grape to shut down and stop melanogenesis. Through a process called melanogenesis, these cells produce melanin, which is a pigment found in the skin, eyes, and hair. This melanogenesis leads to a long-lasting pigmentation, which is in contrast to the pigmentation that originates from oxidation of already-existing melanin. It works like a chemical peel to exfoliate and resurface the skin.

The second valuable ingredient for pigmentation is Kakadu Plum. It has the highest concentration of Vitamin C of any source on the planet earth. Over a 100 times more than an orange. Vitamin C is a critical nutrient for skin health. It is found in high levels in both your dermis and epidermis and plays an important role in producing collagen. As you know, collagen is the foundation of your skin. It’s production is vital for keeping your skin smooth, luminous and healthy. UV rays make your skin stop producing collagen and start producing melanin which is what leads to age spots and loose skin. However, once collagen production is fully supported, your skin begins to heal itself while also becoming resistant to further damage. This means the Kakadu Plum is so powerful, it has the potential to work for anybody. Kakadu Plum’s defense agains UV rays is the strongest in nature. Because the Vitamin C content lightens existing dark spots and the defense mechanism prevents dark spots. You are not only protecting, you are correcting.

Algae Extract is a seaweed (alga) that has spent millions of years on the sea surface and evolved mechanisms to protect their DNA from UV damage. Algae Extract will firm, protect and restore skin and boost collagen synthesis. It is rich in Omega fatty acids and anti-inflammatories, strengthen elastin.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) protects agains UV rays, prevents more dark spots and keeps past damage below the surface of the skin.

Daisy Flower Extract keeps melanin from forming. It actually supports your skin by reducing spots and preventing your skin from forming dark spots.

Many individuals have searched high and low for an effective skin lightening product
to diminish the appearance of unappealing age spots and the effects of hyper pigmentation on the skin. Many bleaching solutions have to date, not been safe for use by all skin types and has caused a lot of damage as it contained a lot of toxic chemicals including parabens, mercury and hydroquinone.